Project HoPE – The Health of Planet Earth

Co-Chair: Narayanan “Ram” Ramanathan and Gregory H. Watson


This activity was initiated at the request of the IAQ Board of Trustees in 2019 as a desire to update the Quality Manifesto for the 21st Century. The previous Quality Manifesto was almost two decades old and did not comprehend the turbulence caused by digitalization and the impact that global heating had on the environment. This spin-off of the IAQ Quality in Planet Earth Concerns Think Tank was chartered to develop a revised Quality Manifesto for the 21st Century; communicate the Quality Manifesto within the global quality community; and extend its deployment globally.


The first of Project HoPE was completed with the publication of an IAQ Point Paper describing the need and the current situation and presenting the Quality Manifesto for consideration by the IAQ Executive. In May 2021, the IAQ Board of Trustees approved the Quality Manifesto and in June global deployment of the quality policies and strategic intent of the manifesto commenced. Since that time quality groups from Chile to China, Australia to Sweden, and from Kenya to the United Kingdom have joined in a global discussion of the ten principles and published them to their members. Translations have been made into many languages: Russian, Mandarin, Korean, Hungarian, Portuguese, Croatian, and many more. This effort continues into 2022 with an objective of obtaining the support of all national and regional quality organizations in the world and branching out to aligned professional organizations. The first of these to join in endorsing the Global Quality Manifesto was endorsement of the American Statistical Association (ASA) which occurred in November 2021. Further promotion and propagation of the Manifesto is also planned for the remainder of 2021 and 2022. During 2022 this effort will shift into a coordinated plan to deploy these principles into a coherent plan of action for the benefit of Planet Earth in a collaboration with like-minded organizations and individuals.


Marcos E. J. Bertin, Kenneth E. Case, John R. Dew, Miroslav Drljača, Roger W. Hoerl, Hesam Aref Kashfi, Elizabeth M. Keim, Janak Mehta, Pal Molnar, Raúl F. Molteni, Kamran Moosa, Juan Javier Negri, Sr. Mary Jean Ryan, Pedro M. Saraiva, Ronald D. Snee, Hugo R. Strachan, Willy Vandenbrande, and Guangyao Yu.

Future Plans

  • Seeking endorsements and translations of the Quality Manifesto document by all global quality organizations and gaining supporting endorsements from aligned professional organizations.
  • Communicating the content of the Quality Manifesto at conferences for quality organizations in all regional areas.
  • Developing a deployment plan to engage in actions that move the Quality Manifesto from being a policy paper full of principles into an action plan to accomplish a change agenda.

Important Publications

  • Publish IAQ Position Paper: Narayanan “Ram” Ramanathan and Gregory H. Watson, “Revitalizing the Quality Manifesto for the 21st Century,” 24 February 2021.
  • IAQ Board of Trustees Approval, “The Quality Manifesto for the 21st Century,” 18 May 2021.
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