The IAQ Quality Sustainability Award was established in 2020 to recognize how the philosophy, methodology, and tools of quality management have been used to achieve more sustainable development. This award is given to projects that have successfully linked quality to sustainability and have the main purpose of promoting a more fact-based, results-focused, and improvement driven sustainability work.

Award Recipients

2022 Award Recipients:

  • R&D of High-efficiency Power Equipment Detection System Applying Xiangshui County Power Supply Branch, China
  • Transformation to Sustainability through Carbon emission reduction in Paint shop by Ashok Leyland, India
  • Build technical capability to produce BOPET films using up to 90% of RPET by SRF Limited, Packaging Films Business, India
  • Lean-Green Value Stream Mapping and glue waste generation reduction by Colquímica Adhesives, Portugal

2021 Award Recipients:

  • Development of high reliability CF fule assembly by Nuclear Power Institute of China
  • Conversion of non-usable metalized BOPET film waste into usable polymer by SRF Limited, India

2020 Award Recipients:

  • 3D Printed Windows in Modern Biomaterial by NorDan in Sweden
  • Phosphate Sludge Reduction in Cabin Pre-treatment Line at the Ashok Leyland Plant in India
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