Quality in Governance Think Tank (QiGTT)    


To analyzepromote and implement Quality conceptsmethods and tools in corporate governance as a key factor for maintaining the interests of all stakeholderssustainabilityethics, and efficiency as a focus of attention.


Academician Chair:

Sergio Foguel


Raúl Molteni


Marcos E. J. Bertin

Academicians Members:

Blanton Godfrey

Robert King 

Enrique Sierra

Evandro G. Lorentz

Gregory Watson

Hiroshi Osada

Hugo Strachan

Javier Negri

Marcos E. J. Bertin

Mary Jean Ryan 

Miroslav Drijaca

Raúl Molteni

Zhangxi Hu

External Advisory Board:

Philip Armstrong, Former Head, Global Corporate Governance Forum

Mike Lubrano, Managing Director, Valoris Stewardship Catalysts

Santiago Chaher, Managing Director, Cefeidas Group

Santiago Dodero, SMEs expert.


In 1968, in his book “The Corporate Director”, Joseph Juran, one of the Top Worldwide Quality Gurus, stated:  “In the absence of sincere manifestation of interest at the top, little will happen below...”

More than 50 years later, Philip Amstrong, Former Head of the Global Corporate Governance Forum, International Finance Corporation, stated: “Quality is a substantive part of Corporate Governance. It is about how the Board really looks at corporate governance as a value-added principle of its business proposition.”

And here is where the Quality in Governance Think Tank, within the International Academy for Quality, comes in.

We are professionals from the Quality, Finance, Legal and general management fields from Europe, North America, South America and Asia.  We are convinced that Quality principles, methods and tools bring clear benefits to the functioning of governing bodies.

Our purpose is to analyze, promote and implement them in corporate governance as a key factor for sustainability.



Book Editors: Marcos E. J. Bertin and Gregory H. Watson

"Corporate Governance – Quality at the topis an excellent example of what can happen when a truly global team works together on a project to improve corporate governance worldwide.

We have distributed the draft of this work  as part of the required reading for the World Bank/OECD Global Corporate Leadership Program among the  participants found it both valuable and thought-provoking."

Ira Millstein, Past Chair, Private Sector Advisory Group, Global Corporate Governance Forum, World Bank – OECD

"The Global Corporate Governance Forum" commends the International Academy for Quality for its efforts to publish these practical guidance insights on corporate governance, that have been collected from leading experts and professionals around the world. We hope that this book will serve as a valuable knowledge resource for those companies and executives that seek to improve their competitiveness, applying corporate governance as a strategic means for reaching fundamental business goals."

Global Corporate Governance Forum

"Corporate Governance - Quality at the Top" describes a process for conducting quality assessments for Boards of Directors that are aimed at improving corporate governance as well as focusing on review of corporate govemance in terms of quality at the top. It benefits from utilizing the new focus on quality with a more powerfully productive role for its principles, methods, and disciplines. This book consolidates the reseach, experience, and insights of some of the most highly qualified and experienced quality and management experts who are all members of the International Academy for Quality. It provides an important resource and guide for the men and women who are committed to effective corporate governance and to application of principles and methods in terms that fit today's new governance demands.

Armand V. Feigenbaum - President and CEO General Systems Company

On-going Plans


Marcos Bertin Quality in Governance Medal

The IAQ Marcos E. J. Bertin Quality in Governance Medal recognizes exceptional contributions to the practice or development of sound principles of good governance based on application of quality-related principles and methods.

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Board of Directors Evaluation Model

Aimed to help Boards’ evaluation and self assessment.

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Papers and books

Several papers and books are also published to make Quality methods and tools applied to Boards.

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Future in Corporate Governance Project

Questions we try to respond:  Are current board practices still effective and efficient enough?  Should any be changed, interrupted or added?

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Important Publications



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