Find out Insights on future corporate governance objectives, accountability, organization and best practices due to technology, social, environmental, economic, business and globalization evolution and innovation.


Policies sustainability depend mainly on the corporate governance of the organization rather than on its management. Therefore, the continuity of sustained implementation of quality approaches, methodologies and practices depends as well on the belief and the consistency of the objectives set and met by the Board.

The main reason why we are addressing these project is to have a clear view of how the corporate governance will develop and how it could be influenced by the principles of quality.  The speed of the transformation we are going through, its consequences on the development of all types of organizations leads us to the need to go through the principles and practices applied by the Boards of Directors.

For example, new technologies may result in ethical dilemmas for an organization or in the investment in technologies that will become obsolete even before they are fully paid off.  Are policies, processes and practices of Board of Directors affected by all these factors?  What changes or improvements should be made for the Board to ensure organization sustainability?


Manifesto DAVOS 2020 -World Economic Forum- (https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2019/12/davos-manifesto-2020-the-universal-purpose-of-a-company-in-the-fourth-industrial-revolution/).

United Nations Global Compact (https://www.unglobalcompact.org/about)

IAQ Quality Manifesto for the 21ST Century (IAQ Quality Manifesto - Spanish-English.pdf)


Document containing insights and suggestions.

To be shared with (i) those who have participated, (ii) the members of co-organizing organizations, (iii) participants and organizations of the other 2 international workshops and (iv) other international entities such as the International Financial Corporation (IFC).


Workshops with World Cafe methodology and subsequent drafting of conclusions.

The CafĂ© is used to create a "living network of collaborative dialogues around questions that matter”. It provides opportunities to synthesize the ideas of a diverse group in order to develop a collective intelligence. It helps to provide opportunities to self-reflect and shift perspectives from "my way" to "our way".


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When: October 2021

Who: Board members from companies located in USA, Europe and Asia

Methodology: World Cafe

Duration: 2 hours.

IAQ QiGTT - Future in Corporate Governance World Cafe - Invitation Letter.pdf

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