1. Help implement good board management practices, as governing bodies of organizations, through a set of integrated and results-oriented performance requirements.

2. Serve as a reference for a self-assessment process that can be used by the boards as an improvement tool.

3. Constitute the parameter for the assessment of boards of organizations that postulate to the National Quality Award in Board Management (PNCGD - its initials in Spanish) 2018.


Criteria, process and evaluation matrix for a Board self assessment.


Corporate governance is an increasingly complex and multidimensional activity that requires a comprehensive vision and understanding of the company or organization and its specific activities. Every governing body plays an essential role in generating the necessary confidence to create the appropriate context for the development of these activities.

Undoubtedly, an excellence management by the board adds value to organizations and constitutes the cornerstone on which excellence in operational management pivots.

Carrying out an excellent management is an objective that every government body, both companies and non-profit organizations, should aspire to, because its contribution to its sustainable continuity is key and decisive.

It is important to clarify that the quality of the board's management will be determined by its functioning as a collegial body and by the quality of the links it develops, both with the shareholders and the management team, and with the rest of the stakeholders with whom the organization interacts.

The results of good corporate governance are evident in the sustainability of the organization and in the aspects related to the creation of value for it, which allow demonstrating the effectiveness and efficiency of the board of directors.


The increasing degree of volatility, complexity and demand of the context in which companies and organizations in general operate in today's society makes it indispensable to emphasize the relevance of their good governance. Having good governance is not simple, but not having it can have irreversible consequences.

The management of the governing bodies of companies and organizations to provide a context that facilitates their proper performance, setting the course and creating an environment of trust, transparency and accountability, is a key element for the viability and sustainability of these companies and organizations in time.

The body responsible for conducting the governance management in the company is the board1 or equivalent body (in non-profit organizations -NPO- is its Management Committee / Management Board).

Board Management can be defined as the set of tasks and activities that, apart from execution, are concerned with providing continuity to organizations and protecting their essential elements, arbitrating legitimate interests, ensuring governance and ensuring the election of a realistic and possible future for them.

Within this framework, the National Quality Award Foundation (FPNC, its initials in Spanish) is pleased to present the National Quality Award in Board Management (PNCGD, its initials in Spanish) 2018 for companies and non- profit organizations. (See specific Bases on this Award at

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