What is IAQ?

IAQ is an independent, self-supported, non-profit, non-governmental organization that is administered by a collegial assembly of individuals who have been elected by their peers from among the most-respected, active, and experienced protagonists of quality in the world.

The IAQ Way: Quality for Humanity

By our mutual contributions IAQ advances quality throughout the world for the benefit of humanity, pursuing excellence through professionalism based on uncompromising fundamental values of respect for the individual, integrity in thought and action and compassion for all living beings.

IAQ is an independent, self-supported, non-profit, non-governmental organization

Academicians make significant personal contributions to the advancement of quality and collaborate on team-based projects through participation in Think Tanks that operate within the Academy.

Academician outreach has helped to establish many of the national and regional quality organizations and IAQ has supported the United Nations in its early efforts to bring quality to the developing world.  Currently, IAQ is assisting national quality movements in Brazil, Russia, India and China as they develop mature programs that support capacity development.

Think Tanks concentrate IAQ member resources on the  contemporary applications of quality that require focus and coordinated support to advance knowledge and to leverage lessons learned in order to accelerate the development and adaptation principles and methods to improve performance for the benefit of society or to improve applications of core quality-related methods

The Quality Manifesto for the 21st Century

Acn. Ramanathan engaged IAQ Honorary Member Gregory H. Watson as a co-author and subsequently many Academicians became engaged as reviewers to revitalize Quality Manifesto through the Position Paper “Revitalizing Quality – The Quality Manifesto”.

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IAQ Councilor Dr. Shoichiro Toyoda Condolence Message from DGQ

Dear Noriaki and Members and friends of the Academy -

Your message on the passing of Dr. Shoichiro Toyoda saddens the entire Quality community in Germany. It certainly is the impressively long list of honours and decorations, both international and national, that illustrates his excellent and outstanding lifetime achievements. But even more it is the enshrinement of quality as an attitude, even more the personality that allows prescinded expertise to be shared for the benefit and welfare of others. IAQ and many organisations on quality have lost a true mentor.

We pray for Dr Toyoda to rest in peace. Our thoughts are with his family. We wish them much strength in this time of heavy bereavement and are sure that the memories of an outstanding and exemplary personality will hopefully soon outshine the dark shadows of grief.

With silent greetings –

Robert Schmitt

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Qualität

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IAQ members are nominated by current IAQ members. It is not through individual application. Members are elected to the IAQ to represent the best quality knowledge and practices throughout all regions of the world.

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