Innovation and Quality Think Tank (IQTT)

Co-Chairs: Tilo Pfeifer and Blanton Godfrey


To understand the synergies and connections between innovation and quality management and to identify new opportunities for IAQ members and quality professionals to improve both.


Anttila Juhani, Lotto Lai, Mingguang Zheng, Thomas Friedli Osada, Hiroshi Prefi, Thomas Tendler, Benson Kwai-Sang Chin Robert Cole A Blanton Godfrey Vadim Lapidus, Istvan Lepseny Paul Lillrank, Vladimir Okrepilov Tilo Pfeifer

Future Plans

The members of the Innovation and Quality Think Tank have had several interesting discussions about innovation. There are many different definitions, perhaps as many

as individuals on the Think Tank. Many members are interested in innovation in manufacturing and production technology, others in service quality and innovative ways we serve customers and how we let them serve themselves. Others want to explore how companies develop their own brands through innovation. Almost all of the members are interested in innovation connected to product development.

Part of our work is creating an innovation library identifying papers, chapters and books written by IAQ members on Innovation and Quality and what we feel are the best articles written by people outside of the Academy. We have identified some national standards and policies on innovation and have connected with the members of the ISO Technical Committee 279 on Innovation Management.

Important Publications

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