GM in Porto

On-site Reporter Team: Edwin Garro, Matthew Barsalou, Dag Kroslid, Miroslav Drljaca

Operation Team: Hesam AREF KASHFI, Anil Sachdev, Rey Fremista 

7th October 2023 (Tuesday)

Visit to BOSCH

Visit to & Lunch at Ponte de Lima

Ponte de Lima - A Discussion on Developing Sustainable Future Cities

8th October 2023 (Wednesday)

Hybrid Session

08.00  - 11:30 Part 1 - hybrid section (Room Ar II - Level -1 of Hilton)

              • Opening and Welcome
              • Announcement of Awards and Medals
              • Announcement of New Members
              • Publication Committee Report (Grace)
              • Communication Committee Report (Catherine)
              • Secretary/Treasurer Report (Paulo)
              • Think Tank Report (Raul)
              • Speech by Dag Kroslid + discussion

11:30 - 16:00 Part 2 (face-to-face in the same room)

11.30 Summarizing previous discussions regarding IAQ Project

Selection of teams for the afternoon

12.00 Lunch

13.00 Workshop in two groups

15.00 Presentation of results

16.15                 TT Leader Meeting

19.30                IAQ Dinner

9th & 10th November (Thursday & Friday)

9th & 10th November         EOQ Congress

10th November 10:15 IAQ Section in EOQ Congress

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